They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.  Isaiah 11:9 

This site is about the reasons for the Extinction Level Event going on in the sky above us, the sea around us and the Earth under our feet.  We have already lost so much. Now we must work quickly to preserve and strengthen what remains.  Time is not on our side.  The time has come today!   

Anarchy In The UK? Wierd Skies--Who's Responsible?

Japan's Going To Release HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE WATER Into Sea!

BUY THE PLANET! - Deek Jackson

Long Knife Nights - Showmebby

Last Love Song - Cat Stevens

An old song for the jilted romantic lovers out there, and metaphorical nod to environmental activists who have been let down by the lack of results of their leaders and organizations--and given the swift discard treatment when they point this out, or can't afford to give donations anymore. It's funny really, how tyrannical and close minded are some "truther" YouTube channels.   



Published October 17, 2018 

It's Time Glyphosate Was Rounded Up

David Yates is a UK author who has penned many books--some of them poetry.  Here's a link to a cryptic poem of his about tough choices and unique dangers in the garden.

Here's a link to all of his books on Amazon:



Published October 16, 2018 

Joy Camp Presents - KILL SWITCH

Having a little fun over the YouTube 'takedown.'  (Dry Run?) 



Published July 4, 2016

Is Radiation To Melt The Ice Wall And Firmament???


UK author David Yates has penned a number of singular books about life's struggles, passions and the environment.  I have posted a vid of his at the  'emergency transmission1' section of this site, that contains a controversial poem. Trigger Warning!  Here is a link to the body of his work:



Published October 15, 2018 

The Firmament - Sweet! Let's Nuke it!

SPACE FORCE - Schmoyoho

SpaceX Exposed -- What Are We REALLY Dealing With?

TOTAL SHUTDOWN -- Secure Team 10

UFO Spotted In China--Or Was It High Technology?

PLEASE do watch this video as well, about the so-called Mach 10 Chinese hypersonic "glider" test, besides watching Jake's. Newspaper links are (strangely) not working--very little in the mainstream or even alt press about it. Is THIS congruent with what we know of reality--and plane speeds observable at Mach 3-10?



Published October 14, 2018 

Sick Puget Sound Killer Whale "J50" Believed Dead

Puget Sound Orcas - The Last Generation




September 11, 2018
Contact: Ryan Lothrop, 360-902-2808 or 360-906-6716

Virtually all of the Columbia River is now closed to fishing to protect weak runs, which are less than 50 percent of the ten-year mean, under a new emergency rule adopted by the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). 

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons / D.J. Ransom Remix

The Mystery Of The Eugene Signal - - Truthstream Media