There's Magic In The Forest - Sara Fancy

Sara Fancy has produced three albums, her latest being 'Horse, Who Am I?' You can download her works at:

Sara runs a horse rescue operation and 'Horse Constellation Therapy' retreat. You can learn more at:  




Published February 17, 2018 

Spirit Of Chief Seattle - How I See It! Patti Dail

The Bard's Song ~ In The Forest

This Is Happening Worldwide - IMC

The Indian Problem - Subtle Infinity

Bombed by the USA - Deek Jackson



A bomb is dropped every 12 minutes on a country the U.S. is not at war with. Only TWO PERCENT of the casualties are the targeted "bad guys" meaning most of the deaths are civilian innocents as the result of these "surgical strikes" conducted from 6000 miles away.  But then again--what can you expect from an abortion culture? 

Everybody Is Free To Wear Sunscreen

Perfect Sense - Roger Waters

Capitalism Is Dead--So What Is Communism ? Richard Grannon

Part One of a series of interviews by Richard Grannon.  Truerth HIGHLY recommends this series. 



Published September 5, 2018 

Flat Earth Ridicule | Globe Earth Brainwashing



Published September 28, 2016 

WARNING! DANGEROUSLY FUNNY!  Check out ODD TV's excellent music at:

Flat Earth Conspiracy Guy - Joy Camp

Biblical Flat Earth Conference - Part 1

Biblical Flat Earth Conference - Part 2

Conspiracy Guy - False Flags

The 1967 CIA Memo Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists

'The Family' Of Western Mind Control -- Subtle Infinity

The Kid's Hang Out With Satan On The Flat Earth - Mark Twain

The 'Mysterious Stranger' is a metaphorical type of the 'God' most people worship. They maim and kill people,  animals and ecosystems in horrific ways to satisfy his demands and their vanity. They all believe they are the 'chosen people' of God(s). They justify their greed and pillage by telling themselves they are doing God's will. They will encounter the immutable, implacable law of Karma, not a reward.  

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galations 6:7