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One Love - Remix By Dj.R@NSOM Featuring Johnny Cash

Demons In Plain Sight - Mike Adams @ Counter Think

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Published January 24, 2019 

Dissident Jesuit Priest, the late Malachi Martin, stated in the 1990's that the aftermath of Chernobyl was lowering the immune system of people--spiritually as well as physically-- leading to demon possession. Think movie 'Fallen.'

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Appeals Court Revives Nestle Child Slavery Lawsuit

All I Need - Radiohead

List Of Baby Tissue Flavored Products

See Apologia Studios for comprehensive coverage on this important issue.  Their work is scattered throughout this site, but go to their site for all the breaking news.



Published January 8, 2019 

Arizona Child Trafficking - Critical Thinker

An astonishing 88 percent of runaway children who were in the Foster Care system end up being sex-trafficked and exploited.  See here for more information and to report a missing child:



Published January 25, 2019

The Dead Heart - Midnight Oil

Are Americans Now Required To Sign Loyalty Oath To Israel?



Published December 19, 2018 


The 'Loyalty Oath' - Part 2

George Jackson - Bob Dylan

Working On Your Car While Black - The Free Thought Project

Am I Free To Go? - Joy Camp

The Dead South - THE DEAD SOUTH

 THE DEAD SOUTH - Recorded in November, 2017 at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, Germany. Directed by Katherina Tress.  The Dead South is on tour! View the full list of dates at:  Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -  We recognize and thank Creative Saskatchewan for their financial support in the production of this video. 

Protectors Or Predators? - Larken Rose

Video Cam Shows Careless Cop Kill Mom -- MOX News

Trump Rally El Paso: Order Into Chaos - Dj.R@NSOM

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Published February 12, 2019