Is This The End Of PNW Salmon? -- Kevin Blanch



Published September 18, 2018 

Tuesday--the 18th--the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Service (WDFW) posted a new closure--the lower Cowlitz River.  

Reason for action: "The Cowlitz River fall chinook salmon run is tracking far below the  pre-season forecast and is currently projected not to meet the hatchery broodstock goal." (WDFW)

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Published March 3, 2017 

Most of our "leaders" are raging narcissists. Many are all the way over to the far extreme of narcissism to outright psychopathy.

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Published September 1, 2015 

See this link--astonishing effects on IQ from contaminated water in Flint, MI. 

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Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle interviewed by Peter B. Collins on their forthcoming docu-series SHUTDOWN, with preview clip; nuclear issues; and on the power grab by Telecoms with dangerous 5G networks that threaten public safety, health, the environment and  local control. 

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