Marta's Song - Deep Forest

Dedicated to all of the fire victims of California. 

Lyrics translated from Hungarian:  

Oh my God, oh my God
What has happened to me?
Three measures of red ribbon
does not fit around me!

Oh my God, oh my God
What has happened to me?
I have a sorrow too...
What happened to me?
Three measures, three measures 



Published April 1, 2016  

The Waltz Of Memories - Tasos Akridas

The Fog - Kate Bush



Published May 16, 2011

Just like a photograph, I pick you up. Just like a station on the radio, I pick you up. Just like a face in the crowd, I pick you up. Just like a feeling that you're sending out, I pick it up. But I can't let you go.  If I let you go, you'll slip into the fog...

I Would Die For You - Montagraph

What's The Name Of The Game - Abba

Down To Zero - Joan Armatrading

Walking In My Shoes - DePeche Mode

Blue Monday - Orgy

Du Riechst So Gut - Russian Rammstein

Jonestown - Concrete Blonde

We Were watching TV - Roger Waters

Out of My Control "Toxic Masculinity" -- D.J. Ransom Remix

White Fool - 1987 EPIC Clannad Song Featuring Steve Perry!

Bright White - Patti Dail * HardRox / Remix

Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave

"And if you feel you got everything you came for--
If you got everything and you don't want no more....." good-bye Peri. We will remember you as long as we live.   



Published September 29, 2016

Slow and Steady - Of Monsters and Men