Book Predicts Trump / Trump's Uncle Unraveled Time Travel

The Twilight Zone - By Dj.R@NSOM The FREEDOMIST

BUY THE PLANET! - Deek Jackson

Vox Advocates Drugging Water With Lithium - Corbett Report

911 (Advanced Difficulty) - Mental Boost

Great sample of 'The Doors' iconic (and last) song before Jim Morrison died, remixed by Jeffron Vox Remix:



Published September 29, 2018 

The End Of Empire - Derrick Jensen

One More Light - Linkin Park

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant - Agent 19

14-Year Oil Leak Competes With BP AS Worst Disaster

Endangered Species - Patti Dail

Hivemind -- Shaking My Head Productions

Drone - Movie Trailer

Sweating Bullets - Megadeth

Who Is America - Bernie Sanders and 'Borat' Showtime


Published July 17, 2018 

Who IS America?--Massive Psyop On The American People!



Published July 27, 2018

If these elected representatives knowingly participated in a hoax with Sacha Baron Cohen people, they are guilty of treason and should be treated accordingly. It begs credulity, the entire Showtime series if you think about it. There should be an investigation by GAO to inventory these people's brains, if they actually claim they didn't know!