"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."  Edith Wharton


My name is Kate Millpointer, also known as Half-Life Wife.

My main purpose on this site is to promote the best content creators on YouTube and other platforms.

My personal interests are mostly centered on abortion and the most important ecological disaster in modern history--Fukushima. Despite that status there is very little coverage in the mainstream media on Fukushima and its evident effects. Abortion is almost completely off limits for discussion in most Universities now--and even Community Colleges. While chemtrails are finally being openly discussed in polite company these days as being involved in a staggering array of environmental and human health problems, not so with abortion and Fukushima.  As if that weren't bad enough, a campaign of disinformation has been unleashed on the lay public that radiation not only isn't harmful--it's actually good for you! And so is abortion!  This is an unacceptable state of affairs, which I challenge on the basis of the available facts regarding ionizing radiation, and the incredible toll of suffering exacted from the innocent in the murder for profit industry known as abortion.  I maintain any talk of 'saving the environment' is hollow if we allow to be done to babies--viable babies--what is not allowed by law in slaughterhouses to animals.  

The idea that radiation is good for you is called 'radiation hormesis.'  It is at best  a misunderstanding of data, or at worst a deliberate fraud or hoax to deceive an uneducated public into believing what is bad for them is actually good for them. 


I  bring forty years of experience to the ongoing scientific discussion about radiation hormesis. I've worked for both the mainstream and alternative media as a radio broadcaster and investigative journalist. I am not a scientist.

I  worked on the Atomic Veteran's lawsuit in the 1980's and helped write the Hanford Class Action lawsuit, filed August 9, 1990, after which I continued my involvement as a researcher and paralegal. Earlier that year--Earth Day April 22--saw the publication of a book I co-authored with the late Jay M. Gould and Ben Goldman, titled Deadly Deceit: Low Level Radiation, High Level Cover-Up. 

The book received mixed reviews from the scientific community, naturally, as it challenges the old linear model of calculating radiation injury.  It was endorsed by Nobel Laureates Dr. George Wald, and the late Dr. Linus Pauling, as well as Dr. Barry Commoner; Dr. Samuel S. Epstein; Dr. Victor Sidel and Dr. Donald Boardman, to name a few. There were several up-dated follow-up editions, some also published in German and Japanese. Deadly Deceit has stood the test of time, as some biologists today are characterizing the current die-off of many species as "the Silent Summer Effect," after the title of chapter three. This was a report on the post-Chernobyl, 1986 - 1987 land bird die-off observed by Dr. David Desante at the Pt. Reyes National Seashore in California, as well as other ornithologists in other locations, including Great Britain.   

Jay Gould started the Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHC) and worked with scientists from all branches of academia, while continuing to author groundbreaking studies and books right up until his death. 

Gould's  legacy lives on in the person of Dr. Joseph Mangano, who now heads the RCHP and continues the rigorous statistical analysis of infant mortality and other data that Dr. Gould and Dr. Ernest Sternglass pioneered in the 1980's and 1990's. The infant mortality rates in the United States right now are among the highest, if not the highest ever recorded, according to Dr. Mangano's analysis of data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), among other sources. The timelines are highly suggestive that Fukushima radiation is the primary causal agent. 

Glyphosate is heavily implicated as a potentiator of radiation injury. Before its reinvention as a broad spectrum herbicide it was used in industry to clear mineral deposits from pipes, so the implications of this are clear. It kills off the micro-biome or gut bacteria colonies necessary for life itself, and has been shown to be a mutagenic and carcinogenic. A deficiency in minerals such as might be caused by a poor diet and glyphosate residual contamination in food and water, quite apart from acute exposures, leads to uptake of radioactive analogues of those minerals in biological systems.  This principle of selective uptake is well understood in the scientific community, so the silence of the scientists is inexplicable regarding the danger of glyphosate and radiation working synergistically. 

Certainly the phenomena of chemtrails and geoengineering is a problem as well. However Fukushima radiation remains the greatest threat to the health of the planet because it is the one contaminant we cannot collectively decide to quit using. It is becoming overwhelmingly evident the tipping point has been reached when about 2/3 of the total insects on the planet go missing. They are the most important food source for most omnivores--and USED to account for the largest biomass on Earth.

Undeniably we are in the Age of the  Anthrocene. So what are we going to do about it? The Earth is awaiting our response. An international effort must be mounted immediately to aggressively deal with the Fukushima disaster.  

Buddha said, "Your problem is you think you have time."

Albert Schweitzer said, "Man has lost the ability to foresee and forestall. It will end with him destroying the Earth."

The Bible says, in Revelation 11:18: "The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come...that You should destroy those who destroy the Earth."

It's called Karma. 

The True Creator will destroy those who are destroying the Earth according to His Word revealed in many religous and cultural documents besides the Bible. He will finish the work the "Rainbow Warriors," or people from many races and cultures spoken of by the Hopi and Native American Chief Sealth, will have started. This will likely commence in the form of Nuremberg type trials for Crimes Againist Humanity adjudicated by the people.  It will be finished by the One worthy to judge and punish. The precursors to this coming event are the latest Monsanto; Bayer and Nestle lawsuits. Also the anti-vaccine litigation victory of Robert F. Kennedy this November, 2018 is cause for celebration.  

The corrupt corporations and warlords better repent and change or be afraid--be very afraid. There is only one thing to fear and that is the one who has the power to slay the soul. The True Creator will assist us in our efforts to free this Earth and ourselves and will RESCUE the Earth from destruction with our participation that I believe will involve the use of cymatics. The prophecy of "the 144,000" in Revelation may have something to do with this.  

He is not causing the destruction occurring right now, nor does the Bible say that He is, as so many people are falsely taught. This causes passivity in the people because they believe that nothing is required of them. They need only sit back and wait for their "Cadillac Rapture" or amuse themselves in various ways because everything going on is "God's Will." This is a destructive philosophy cooked up by the evil one, not the Most High God. 

This is what I believe to be true.  

This site is not monetized. I "buy the truth, but sell it not." Proverbs 23:23

So, I will be spotlighting the work of  biologists and lay experts on the environment who are doing the arduous and dangerous work of quantifying the death of myriads of species normally found in abundance in the Pacific and on her coastlines, among other locations.

Mysterious precipitous die-offs of insects, birds and mammals are occurring in every nation of the Earth. Disastrous and unprecedented weather is now a daily occurrence as well as apparently unstoppable massive forest fires. Some speculate that Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) of some sort may have been used to start some of these recent ongoing catastrophic fires in California and in the recent past, possibly by rogue elements within the U.S. Government--or some hostile outside force. There is compelling testimony that either or both of these scenarios may be the case on my site from time to time. 

We don't self censor here. In fact there is physical evidence that the very nature of this reality, the shape of the Earth itself, is very different from what we've been taught. I am a so-called Flat Earther as the result of more than three years research into the matter and have posted extensive proofs on this site. There is a very interesting video, among others posted below about early above ground nuclear tests and what their true purpose may have been.  This leads me to believe that nuclear weapons were never intended to kill humanity, per se, but always purposed for a much different agenda which will be explored on my blog and is hinted at throughout this site. 

Most experts continue to pretend not to know what is destroying the Earth and its people, which includes our lesser brothers and sisters the animals and virtually all plant life, claiming they are "mystified," and "baffled" at the "mysterious" mortality events taking place. 

Going against these cowardly and self-serving trends is evolutionary biologist Dr. Timothy Mousseau and ornithologist Dr. David DeSante, among a handful of other scientists that have done detailed studies of birds and other animals affected by Chernobyl and Fukushima. 

Their work is based on the groundbreaking decades long research conducted by the late Dr. Abram Petkau of the Atomic Energy Commission of Canada and Dr. Ernest Sternglass, who found chronic exposures of low level radiation is more harmful than previously understood. That work in turn was founded on the discoveries of double Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling regarding the role of free radicals in making low level radiation far deadlier than had been previously understood.


Other aspects of the degradation of the Earth such as the ubiquitous presence of glyphosate and its effects will be examined on this site. Solutions will be explored including the concept of developing communities that do not allow toxic products or practices. Amish communities may provide the model as well as the concept of setting aside a region for ecological dissidents. Israel is an example of this breakaway civilization concept besides the Amish. I'm not a Zionist nor am I suggesting displacement of already settled areas by newcomers, to be clear. 

Vast swathes of land are empty of populations because they are forbidding as far as climate and terrain. With the state of technology these factors are not deal killers. Many would endure a daunting wilderness type lifestyle rather than continue to live in a culture that is making them sick. As of this writing some rural towns in America are offering financial rewards to get people to come back and start small, family owned farms and other sustainable businesses. 

Russia's President Putin has vowed to create the cleanest, non-glyphosate contaminated food on the planet and is also offering back to the land incentives. Almost certainly much of his political trouble is being orchestrated by the red right hands of certain demon-inspired corporations. Red-baiting IS the new tactic being used to shut down criticism of killer corporations which have corrupted the governments of most nations, most especially the United States of America. Many of them had their origins in this country and have exported their horrors to Third World nations with the blessing of their despotic leaders, who are financially enriched for selling out their people.  

Solutions will be specifically explored under the Wilderness Elect (WE) section of my site. Feel welcome to email me with ideas on how to legally and actually divorce this system and create alternative sanctuary zones for super-reactors, or people who cannot cope with the toxicity of the environment anymore, physical and spiritual. 

Despite the die-offs, the "R" word is never mentioned as a causal agent by most scientists.

The concept of synergism is familiar to most people these days.  It's not hard to understand that the combination of chemtrails, ELF and other toxic frequencies, glyphosates and other herbicides and pesticides, are causing the death of a thousand cuts to the ecology.  To protect their jobs, scientists are clearly self censoring.  My hope is that the unused word, radiation, and discussions about what is causing the death of the Earth will occur in polite company.  We need to  talk about these subjects in inappropriate settings, people! Only then will the institutional silence of the authorities be broken. The impetus must come from the grassroots level, as Jay M. Gould always maintained, because the technological elite will never, ever change their ways without tremendous pressure from We the People. And if they won't change, then WE the people need to discover the way of escape from their tyranny of the minority.  

My best advice to everyone to counteract the toxins in our environment and slow the uptake of such is summarized in the video below.  Even better, this diet not only will save and extend your life but stop the unnecessary suffering of our lesser brothers and sisters. Over and out.  

"As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower beings he will never know health and peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other."  Pythagoras               

I hope you are finding your visit here fruitful and if you want you can drop me a line at halflifewife@truerth.com. The pictures below are of my husband Craig and me, as well as pictures of mutated flowers. The photo of me by myself was taken on 9/10/2017 to commemorate the date of the launch of this site. We recommend that you visit https://reverbnation.com/mandroidmusic/songs for unique, inspiring and healing music and videos. Mandroid Music might be a good fit for your special video or documentary and is the favorite band of truerth.com 

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I used to live in E. WA downwind of the Hanford Nuclear Plant where the first milligram of plutonium was extracted. The church my family attended used to have a yearly competition for who had the most mutated produce. Everyone thought it was great fun. A good time was had by all--until the galloping cancers, mutations and miscarriages began to occur.


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Truerth suggests that you do not pull up or spray with glyphosate (Round-Up, et al) your milk weed. It is essential for the survival of butterflies. Consider leaving this medicinal garden "weed" for "the others."  The problem of an insect ELE is far from over.  Also, all creatures will try to reproduce more if they are facing extinction. 

The story is "fake" in a way. 

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I highly recommend this channel. It is important to be fastidious about mental hygiene as this world is becoming more challenging by the minute to deal with. It's the little stuff in your life that will get to you and stop you from dealing with the truly big, actually significant issues that are crying for your attention. One must deal with past trauma.   

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