Laughter sometimes IS the best medicine.

No Reason To Hit A Woman - Bill Burr

Princess Intervention - Joy Camp

Princess Intervention Relapse

I Feel Love - The Blue Man Group

Save The Whales - Cheech and Chong

Space Force - schmoyoho

Weather Channel (FAKE!) Drama

Everything Wrong With Hurricane Florence -- Astro Not


Montagraph Learnz Us About Flat Earth

DISCLAIMER - I have it on good authority Monte's just joshin'--he still believes in the globe Earth.   



Published January 15, 2017

A Look Into The Near Future -- Headlines With A Voice

Stayin' Alive - Patti Dail

I LIKE BEER - Songify The News 17 - Schmoyoho

Dropping A Flat Earth Truth Bomb

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer - Who Is America? | SHOWTIME



Published July 24, 2018 

Read this great editorial from satirist Lee Camp. Then think about the effete slobs that rule over us, like "Representative" Jason Spencer. He sure doesn't "represent" me!  How about you?  How come people like him are in charge of ANYTHING?

Dead Fish Handshake - Schmoyoho